iOS 14.5 & iPadOS 14.5 – here is everything new

Apple has released the first beta versions of the upcoming iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5. This version is important for several reasons, one of which is that from now on, app developers must reveal how they track users on iPhone and iPad.

However, it is far from everything that iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 offer. This is a major update with a lot of news – here we go through what the beta versions reveal today.

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Unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch

If you have iOS 14.5 on your iPhone and use watchOS 7.4 on your Apple Watch, you can unlock your mobile phone directly from the smartwatch. The feature is introduced due to the sharp increase in mask use which makes it for FaceID users.

With the feature enabled, you do not have to pull down the mask when unlocking your iPhone. You do not even have to enter your PIN. It is worth mentioning that you can not make purchases on, for example, the App Store with this method, then you still have to use FaceID, which of course means that the mask needs to be removed for a while.

Transparency when apps track users

With iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, the big change will be that all apps must ask users for permission before they can be tracked.

When using iOS and iPadOS, a randomly generated ID string is created that identifies the user. It is this that may not be used without express permission, which has annoyed Facebook, among others, because it hinders the work of optimizing ad impressions.

If you do not agree that a specific app may track you and your transactions with apps or websites, Apple’s policies prohibit this app from attempting to circumvent your wishes. The app may not use other tools to find, track and use your data for ad serving anyway.

Support for dual 5G SIM cards

If you have one of the iPhone 12 models, you can finally use dual SIM cards for 5G with iOS 14.5. It is a practical solution if you use two numbers for work and private use, and do not want to keep on and switch manually all the time. Previously, there was support for dual SIM cards with iPhone 12, but only with 4G / LTE. This has thus increased to 5G with iOS 14.5.

Now the mobile operators will only expand the 5G network in Sweden as well so that we can actually use this function more than in a small, selected number of places in the country.

Improved support for hand controls

Do you have an Xbox Series X / S or Playstation 5 at home? Then you can be happy that the latest controllers for the game consoles now work with iPhone and iPad. It is likely that Apple TV can also use the controls when the media player receives its update with tvOS 14.5.

Support for family use of Apple Card

This is not completely clear yet, but there are indications in the code for iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 that Apple is opening up for family use of its Apple Card. This means that several people can share and shop with the same card.

The owner of the debit card can invite family members to use the card and see previous purchases in a history. The owner of the card can also set limits on how much the card may be used by others.

Note that this change is not activated today, but it is still worth noting that the code for this is in the new versions today.

Now the only question is when / if Apple presses the button to activate it.

Contact the rescue service with Apple Siri

According to the Twitter account @reneritchie iOS 14.5 has support for contacting the rescue service via voice command with Apple Siri. It seems that the feature can also work on older iOS versions, so the question is whether this is not a server change rather than an update specifically for iOS 14.5.

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