iOS 14.5 & macOS 11.3 unveil new iPad and iMac for 2021

The latest beta versions of iOS 14.5 and macOS 11.3 Big Sur reveal future Apple products. Among other things, the A14X Bionic – a new system circuit that is expected to land in an upcoming iPad Pro model.

The Apple A14X has been rumored to be coming for a while now. Several analysts, including the well-known Ming-Chi Kuo, have indicated that one new, improved iPad Pro can be released in 2021 with the A14X circuit.

The code names for the new models are J517, J518, J522 and J523. Why are they four in number? Two are standard 11- and 12.9-inch with WiFi, two are variants with 4G / 5G support.

Reportedly, the Apple A14X can be so good that it has performance comparable to the Apple M1 series. Whether that’s true remains to be seen, but it’s really something to look forward to for the iPad Pro series.

Other details about the new model are that it can use mini-LED instead of OLED for the display panel. And that the tablet can use Thunderbolt with compatibility with USB-C.

Another news is that the latest beta version of macOS 11.3 Big Sur has references to two as yet unreleased iMac models. Two computers that can use the Apple M1 processor, or a newer variant of it.

The code names found are “iMac 21.1” and “iMac21.2.” both of which refer to as yet unreleased models.

Among the news, in addition to the M1 processor, the new iMac models are expected to have thinner edges around the screen, a redesigned chassis and a more Pro Display XDR-inspired design.

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