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iOS users do not want to be tracked - Teknikhype.se

For the iOS 14.5 update, Apple has given the opportunity not to be tracked by apps, something that seems to be very popular.

Apple has recently released what they call “App Tracking Transparency” which will give iOS users the opportunity to choose whether apps should be allowed to track how we use the app and our position or not.

This is something that apparently very many have chosen NOT to allow, the analysis company Flurry has in its latest survey found only 11 to 13 percent of 5.3 million users say Yes to being tracked by an app, if you look in the US, less than five percent said yes to this.So the interest from users not to be tracked is great, we do not want apps to have the control they actually have.
It will be interesting to see what this figure looks like in Sweden and Europe once an analysis company chooses to go for it, I think that very many choose not to be tracked and that this is something that will continue in the future.

I just hope that the app manufacturers do not turn off functions and services because you are not allowed to be tracked, which does not sound completely impossible or far from unfortunate.

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