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iPad mini 6 can get a new screen with mini-LED

Apple can upgrade the next iPad mini with a new screen. There is also talk that the improved model lacks the home button just like the iPad Air. The question is what the price tag will be if Apple releases a new model.

  • The same screen technology used in iPad Pro 12.9
  • It is unclear what the new model will cost

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July 24, 2021

New information: False information about mini-LED in iPad mini 6

Sources within Apple’s supply chain say that DigiTime’s information about the mini-LED for the iPad mini 6 is incorrect.

It reports the website AppleInsider who says that Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, believes that Apple plans to use mini-LEDs in an upcoming iPad mini.

Ross Young is said to have obtained his information from reliable sources, but just like DigiTime’s information, it is not possible to ascertain who is right.

Original article
July 24, 2021

Mini-LEDs are available in several Apple products

Although the larger sibling models in the iPad Pro and Air series have become incredibly popular, many are hoping that the smaller little brother model will also continue to fall in love with Apple.

So far, it has been a bit so and so with the thing as the iPad mini does not have the same technical development behind it. But maybe the next, sixth generation model can change that.

According to information to the website DigiTimes, the iPad mini 6 gets at least a completely new screen with mini-LED, which is the same screen panel used in the latest iPad Pro 12.9. It’s also the panel expected to arrive in next year’s Macbook Air.

Radiant Optoelectronics will kick off shipments of its backlight units for the upcoming mini LED-backlit MacBook Pro and iPad mini later in the third quarter, with the shipments to expand in volume in the fourth quarter, according to industry sources.


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Several rumors about iPad mini with mini-LED

DigitTimes does not have particularly high reliability when it comes to rumors about Apple’s upcoming products. But the company has begun the transition to mini-LED and it would not be impossible for the iPad mini to be one of the products that gets the new screen panel.

Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also previously said that Apple is working on an iPad mini with a screen that uses mini-LEDs. However, for launch 2020, which obviously did not happen.

If the iPad mini 6 actually gets a mini-LED, you can count on the price tag not staying at the same level as today.

If you buy an iPad mini 5 with 64GB of storage, it costs SEK 5,077 from Apple’s official online store. The larger version with 128GB of storage costs a sky-high SEK 6,890, which is a ridiculous amount for an iPad mini.

A new model can easily start over SEK 6,000 and extend a bit over SEK 8,000 for the more expensive variants. What actually happens at that point, of course, remains to be seen.

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