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Good Morning all! Welcome back to the pedal bike. This week winter is making a powerful return to some parts of the country, while spring is coming in other regions. Below I have the not very numerous messages from the weekend this time.

The iPad is still the dominant tablet on the global market. In the last quarter, Apple was downright dominant in sales, behind the iPad there is only a lot of thin air. here you read the details. Towards the end of 2020, demand was primarily driven by the immensely increased need in schools and studies for usable tablet computers.

WhatsApp has reactivated chat export for users in Germany

Almost a year ago, WhatsApp deactivated the option in Germany to export chat histories, the reason for this was a patent lawsuit. Now the feature suddenly stands available againhow this came about is not yet known.

In short

What else was important

An Apple I is for sale on eBay. The price has already passed the million dollar mark, no wonder. One of the two Apple steves put it together personally, you can guess who it was.

Amazon Prime brings fresh food in February.

New month, that also means: New content on the various streaming services.
We have the new additions to Amazon Prime here for you guys summarized.

Comes well into the new week!

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