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Good Morning all! The iPad Pro may soon get an OLED display – but wasn’t there something else before? In addition, Apple is getting beaten again and may soon have to endure the full severity of the law, but not somehow fully earned? So welcome to the overview in the morning.

Apple’s iPad Pro should someday even an OLED display to get. These are now more or less standard on smartphones, but things look a little different on larger screens. An iPad is not exactly as big as a television, but OLEDs are still expensive – more expensive than LCDs. One may therefore rightly ask: What happened to Apple’s plan, first of all on mini-LEDs to change?

Apple is the target of competition examiners in the UK

The App Store is a brutal monopoly and prevents any developer from bringing apps past Apple to an iPhone. That could distort competition and British competition investigators also see this potentially so. Google is just as restrictive at first glance. And so it is by no means so unlikely that Apple will have to loosen its reins at some point. Only when that will be the case …

WhatsApp brings video calls to the Mac

WhatsApp Web has recently learned something new: Voice and video calls are now also available on the Mac – good, and on the PC too. Unfortunately, there are no group calls there yet, but WhatsApp indicates that conversations can also be held on the computer further end-to-end encrypted stay.

In short

What else was important

Apple has set up a way for users to send their photos from the iCloud library to the big competitor’s cloud called Google Photos. The whole thing is a bit cumbersome and the data is not deleted in the iCloud, the innovation is still useful and helpful when migrating the data, here are the details.

Apple delivers the last beta.

Then there was the youngest WatchOS 7.4 beta. Beta 3 can now be downloaded by registered developers.

Sonos brings a mobile speaker.

It is the company’s first truly portable loudspeaker, and it was already about to be launched. It will be presented in a virtual event next week, here are the details known in advance.

What do the unofficial Covid apps do?

Apple is very strict on this: Only apps from national health authorities are allowed to line up as Corona apps in the App Store, but apart from this restriction, there are other app-based ways of tracking contacts. In our latest AppSalat we present an app which is getting pretty popular right now and show their possibilities.

I’m going to show you the upcoming end of the week and wish you a nice Friday!

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