iPhone 12 a lame duck at 5G | and also loses its colors

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Good Morning all! Well what now? The AirPods 3 are due to arrive in March, according to the rumor mill for days. And now someone, whose word one should listen to, says “no no, everything is completely different”. That is a bit disturbing. It was also found that the iPhone 12 is a lame duck. So welcome to the overview in the morning.

The AirPods 3 are ready to be shipped and will be unveiled later this month, or so it claimed recently a certain Jon Prosser. A certain other analyst now says: The AirPods 3 will not come until the fall. And he also drew a grim overall outlook for AirPods sales in 2021. Read the details here. What is right now with regard to the market launch? Well, we’ll see.

Is the iPhone 12 fading in color?

We asked you if the edges and corners of your iPhone 12 are losing color. The occasion was a report from a user who was in Apple’s forums immediately connected some other customers. However, there does not seem to be a mass phenomenon here yet. We watch it.

The iPhone 12 is a lame duck – at 5G2

The processor is a rocket, no doubt: Even today, the A14 Bionic is one of the fastest smartphone chips. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the modem: Apple made a poor debut here and the iPhone 12 turned out to be the same highlighted by 25 smartphones with Android and among them there were unfortunately a lot of devices that were not at all high-end suspicious. Just tragic.

In short

What else was important

There were tons of betas yesterday: iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 Beta 4, macOS Big Sur 11.3 Beta 4, watchOS 7.4 Beta 4 such as tvOS 14.5 Beta 4 were distributed to the registered developers and partly also to the volunteer testers. The HomePod has them too Software 14.5 received, however, only very few screened developers can download and install Beta 4.

The iPhone 12 is soooooo stable …

… you hardly believe that – like Apple does in a new video has demonstrated.

Still, the following applies: Put the foil on and the case around it and don’t take it with you into the water, otherwise the iPhone 12 will soon be over and not covered by the guarantee despite all the new gadgets that are supposed to improve its stability. – life is hard.

Apple Music gets new playlists.

These are regional and show the daily charts from over 100 cities. They will start with iOS 14.5 for all users, they cannot currently be heard, but they indicate that they are already in the code of iOS 14.5 Beta 4 on.

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