iPhone 13 also in Germany with mmWave?

iPhone 13 also in Germany with mmWave?

The iPhone 13 may come with mmWave 5G support in other countries, according to current information from the supply chain. So far, the current iPhone 12 only supports the much faster mmWave mode in the USA, which uses extremely short-wave frequencies.

Apple may equip the iPhone 13 with the mmWave mode of 5G support in other markets, as indicated by some recent indications from Apple’s Asian supply chain discovered were. Subsequently, the supplier Qiqi will soon receive a larger order for the delivery of mmWave-capable 5G antennas for the iPhone.

Qiqi belongs to the Wistron group, which has been used for Apple’s iPhone production for a long time. For the first time, a Taiwanese supplier would have received orders for antennas for the iPhone, a component that is critical for functionality. Recently, however, there had been some problems at Wistron, as we did in one previous message had reported.
These were not for the wages paid in one of the company’s Indian factories, which resulted in an order freeze for the time being, reported.

mmWave in the iPhone 13 also in Germany?

However, this is not a fundamental obstacle for Apple when working with suppliers, as we are in one further message have run. As it is now said, in addition to Wistron, the Japanese manufacturing giant Murata Manufacturing is also entering into the production of 5G antennas for the iPhone 13. Possible target markets for the iPhone 3 with mmWave are Germany, Canada, China, Japan and Great Britain. 5G is slowly picking up speed in Germany, but mmWave is not yet being set up here or in the near future.

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