iPhone 13 Pro without a connection? | Does Apple want to become Uber?

1 week with M1-MacBook Air |  Apple Watch S7 design wishes

This episode is all about the future: Apple Car, Apple glasses everywhere you look, there is currently speculation everywhere about products whose market launch is still years away. Today we have a little more down-to-earth topics of conversation in the program, so I would like to welcome you to the new episode.

And how do we usually start an episode of the apple chat? With mail from you. There was a lot this time and we read and play it for you and talk about your messages.

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Today’s topics

  • 00:00:00: Intro and drivel
  • 00:03:30: Listener post: MacBook Air 15 wanted? | Apple and the environment | Bugs in the M1 computers | Requirements for Glucose in the Next Watch
  • 00:23:10: Current iOS updates: blessings and curse
  • 00:31:00: iPhone 13 rumors: camera, notch design, 1TB and no connection?
  • 00:42:10: Apple glasses: features leaks – what should they be able to do?
  • 00:55:00: Apple Auto: cooperation with Kia? – We speculate about an “Apple Uber”
  • 01:17:00: Xiaomi announces charging via air: Apple should also work on it
  • 01:26:05: Jeff Bezos no longer Amazon CEO: How long will Cook, Zuckerberg and Co. hold out?

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News from the iPhone 13

Let’s start with the least fantastic topics: the iPhone 13 could do a few Improvements to the camera experienced, especially the ultra wide angle should be improved, we summarize briefly.

We also talk about some speculations about the naming and other possible features that Lukas contributes from the leaker scene.

What can Apple glasses do?

The big topic afterwards is of course the possible glasses from Apple. This VR or AR or mixed reality headset will probably actually come and by now we know a little more about possible specifications, read here or in the broadcast – with a detailed report and with classifications about possible applications – to catch up on.

When will the Apple Car come and what can it do?

The Apple Car is currently also almost daily with us in the headlines, clear that it also fills a large block of the broadcast. We talk about the latest events and developments and reflect a little.

Loading over the air

The real AirPower has never been shown before, so one could sum up the innovation that Apple did not show first, but the Chinese. In the future, smartphones may be charged with a kind of power Wi-Fi, and Apple should also work on it. We think it’s great.

Edge of the plate: handover of power at Amazon

The Amazon founder and CEO passes the baton on, we reported it already. We try our hand at possible effects on the company and talk about the unimagined agility of aging big tech managers in search of new professions.

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