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How big is the iPhone fold?  |  Chaos at the Apple Car |  AR glasses not for the masses?  - Apple fun 179

Will the iPhone Fold be small and handy or a big beater? We are concerned with this question in today’s issue of Apfelplausch, which bears the proud number 180. Also topic: Again the iPhone 13, again the Apple Car and a lot more. Welcome to today’s episode.

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Today’s topics

  • 00:00:00: Intro and drivel
  • 00:06:00: Listener Post: Small or Large iPhone Fold? | Software bugs and more
  • 00:24:30: iOS 14.5 Beta 2: All new features
  • 00:29:45: Leaks for the iPhone 13: always-on display, matte design, new MagSafe and more
  • 00:53:00: AirTags, Macs with M1X, iPad Pro: Spring Keynote?
  • 01:10:10: iPhone Fold: 2023 and with 7.5 inches?
  • 01:17:00: Updates to Apple’s Car
  • 01:26:15: Apple is working on 6G and 240Hz displays
  • 01:31:15: Facebook is working on smartwatch: the background

Apple fun player

As usual, we will start this program again with mail from you, which we have to talk a little about first. Afterwards we talk a little about the quite numerous innovations in iOS 14.5 and here especially the new beta, here we have summarized them for you.

I sketch them briefly on a small Apple Pay monitor recent additions with Apple Pay in Germany.

New rumors about the iPhone 13

Then we talk about a leak to the iPhone 13who, among other things, deal with the display again. And let’s be honest: If this time it’s not enough for always-on and 120 Hz, some will lose faith in Apple.

Will the iPhone Fold be big or small?

Again we speculate about the iPhone Fold. The reason for this is a new forecast, which the size of a possible folding iPhone as well as the timeframe for a possible introduction.

What can the M1X do and what is its name?

Really M1X or maybe M2? There was last first benchmaks Apple’s possible next Apple silicon processor, which we are discussing at length and trying to provide an outlook.

Apple Week marginal notes

Apple might bring it in March the AirTags and a new iPad Pro. You still don’t have a partner for the Apple Car and to 6G is already now worked at Apple. We also talk about how the odds are one Smartwatch from Facebook would be.

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