Is Mana Target a Scam? Review of the Household Appliances Store

Is Mana Target a Scam? Review of the Household Appliances Store

In recent years we have seen a massive shift from physical to online stores. The importance of internet shopping has been amplified since the covid pandemic. Nowadays, you can buy everything from a sock to huge appliances online. Why go outside when everything can be delivered to your doorstep? 

However, the trend of online shopping has also given rise to fraudulent websites that are fleecing people of their money. One such doubtful store is Mana Target. But is it a legit site or a scam? Read the review below to know.

What is Mana Target?

Mana Target is an online appliance store that sells electronic gadgets and household appliances like TV, computers, coffee makers, games, home theatres, headphones, etc. The website was registered on 27th April 2021, so it’s a relatively new store. 

You can access all kinds of home appliances and gadgets from Mana Target. This site claims to be like Alibaba and Amazon, so you can find pretty much everything that one needs in daily life. However, you’ll find that some of the items are quite costly. 

Is Mana Target a Scam?

There are many reasons that prove this site is not a legit business. First, it has no social media presence. You won’t find any official Facebook or Instagram page. It could be because this site doesn’t want people to share their reviews on social media. 

Secondly, most of the items sold on Mana Target have higher prices than the market rate. It means the site owner does not know the actual cost of the items in the market. 

Thirdly, websites that rank sites based on authenticity have nothing good to say about Mana Target. It ranks below average regarding authenticity. Fourthly, you won’t find its ranking on Alexa, a popular site that is supposed to know every site online.

Mana Target Reviews

You’ll find few or no reviews about Mana Target on online sources. The site itself has no customer reviews about its products which is somewhat shady. It also has a low trust score by Scam Advisor. 

However, this site is SSL certified and claims to refund the money within five to ten days. The contact information, email address, and official address are also given on Mana Target. Moreover, it offers a variety of payments through VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, and cash on delivery in the US.

  • The contact no is (972) 382-5633
  • The official address of the Mana Target store is 320 N Clark Road, Cedar Hill, TX 75104, USA.
  • The email address is [email protected]


After comprehensively investigating the Mana Target store, we’ve found this site untrustworthy and suspicious. It has no social media presence, lacks reviews, and the household appliances offered in the store are costlier than the market price. 

So, we suggest buyers avoid purchasing from this site. Or if they want to buy from Mana Target, we recommend conducting thorough research to confirm its authenticity. It’s better to purchase household appliances from trustworthy sites.

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