It is unclear whether employers can demand that employees be vaccinated


According to lawyers, it is unlikely that employees in the public sector will be able to demand that the employee go and get vaccinated. In the private sector, the situation is different and it is unclear whether employers have the right to require vaccination certificates in recruitment and deny those who refuse to take the controversial coronavirus.

It is the left-liberal Bonnier newspaper DN who have spoken to several lawyers and experts regarding what really applies regarding the employer’s “right” to demand that their employees be vaccinated.

Kirsi Piispanen is a federal lawyer at Vårdförbundet and does not believe that employers in the public sector can directly demand that employees take the vaccine, as the employees have a constitutionally protected right to their physical integrity.

– You can not force anyone to do this.
You should also not be able to threaten yourself by saying that if you do not get vaccinated, you will be fired.


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