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Good Morning! That was a blast last night, but one outside of the Apple universe.
But it sounded so loud that we couldn’t raise it. There were also new betas and so much more in the last 24 hours.

Amazon presented its quarterly figures yesterday evening German time. – As expected, they were great, especially the Christmas business had boosted sales on the retailer’s online sales platform, but the numbers were now almost a minor matter: Jeff Bezos announced his retirement from the top position. But he can’t be like you entirely without Amazon can read here. How much he will influence Amazon in his new position remains to be seen.

What can the Apple Car do?

In the Streit … editorial team, we regularly discuss our headlines. How much tension can they withstand and how much information should they carry? My headline on the Apple Car yesterday – I can say that much – did not find the undivided enthusiasm of my colleagues, maybe the Apple Car topic just didn’t raise me too much after the Speculation on this last downright overturn to have. Anyway, for the first time there are possible key data on the technical performance of the Apple Car – the first model – the prototype, of whatever, nobody really knows yet, but here you read more.
And by the way: Apple has poached a top engineer from Porsche, who should now too tinker with the car. You are bursting with tension …

The M1 Mac is causing problems again

Again the new Macs with M1 processors cause problems. You can make sure that on the iPhone the apps no longer start. This problem is likely to affect all users who still synchronize their iPhone with the Mac, which they should definitely leave for the time being.

In short

What else was important

Apple has its Extension for the Chrome browser for Windows, with which iCloud passwords can be used, only recently provided, but the whole thing is not yet running smoothly. Therefore, version 11 of the iCloud tool for Windows, which is also required for this, has now been withdrawn. The reason should be massive Problems with the new feature have been.

macOS Big Sur 11.3 brings some innovations.

Last night Apple distributed macOS Big Sur 11.3 to the developers in a first beta. It will take months until the final version for all users, but we will receive it once a preview of some new features. There should also be a public beta for volunteer testers soon.

Apple prescribes new rules in the App Store.

App tracking transparency has been a hot topic at Apple for a long time. With the new App Store guidelines, Apple has now set the applicable requirements in stone in the Apple universe. They will be from spring binding for all developers. The only question is, how many developers are sticking to it and how will Apple deal with rule breakers?

So much for me so far, I wish you a relaxed day.

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