Jüri Lina – How to see through the conflicting myths

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The legendary writer and film director Jüri Lina has spent his life revealing, among other things, hidden power structures and secret societies. His books are widely known in alternative circles around the world.

He talks about how and why the public in different countries have been led astray and brainwashed, as well as the forces behind it.
An exciting experience with a veteran within the truth movement.

“Cognitive dissonance occurs when reality collides with myths and can be overcome through careful fact-checking. An essential prerequisite for myth-making is that the outside world has very limited access to reality-based facts.

The clueless public has embraced utopian dreams in installments by letting themselves be fooled by the myths created by the mass media and where everything is pretending. In Sweden, it is considered inappropriate to objectively discuss the actual conditions in society in order to avoid myth-making and falsification of history. Therefore, most people have a vague idea of ​​what is really true and what is false. They have ended up in the consensus. “

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