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Savings and cuts are words that most often appear around workplaces, government agencies and municipal activities. All of us who have been active in working life have participated in at least one meeting where these statements were made. There must always be something that is in short supply that is communicated to the workers from the company’s managers or to the population from the country’s leaders.

And it is actually the case that it is almost always shortages that are in focus, even though things seem to be going well. When growth is above expectations and sales are greater than budgeted – even in these cases, our managers and leaders focus on what is going badly and what is in short supply. We learn that too much money has been spent on marketing or that the material cost has been far too high. The recipe for making us continue to obey is to know what things we are missing and that the reward is always beyond the horizon. The horizon that we will never see more than in the distance.

On something left, we are always forced to live and work in this infinite shortage.

But what about all this money in circulation in the system?
Is it used in the best way or has a lot of cash flows been created in the structure of society just so that it can be used as a threat to everything from employed workers to the country’s citizens and population that there is a constant lack of resources?

Look at the space industry for example. Man has always been interested in space, but it is not until recent years that we have really begun to see that it can be possible for humanity to actually become a planetary species. With this, more and more companies that are active in space travel, experts in building rockets and everything that goes with it have also appeared in order for us to achieve this goal with private space travel.

One thing that is interesting to look at in this development is the flow of money around state-owned companies. If we look at NASA, the US government has pumped millions of dollars into this business to build rockets and develop the technical equipment needed to go into space. Lots of money has been put into research and development to make these trips as good as possible. What is strange about this is that when privately owned players enter the same industry, the work is strangely faster, cheaper and better. In the space industry, private companies have today built rockets with a budget equivalent to one tenth of NASA’s budget, technology has improved and they have also found ways to reuse rockets – something that NASA has never focused on despite their budget being multiplied.

It is not just money that is put in motion from government and government agencies in large projects such as the space industry and other important human areas.
Even on a smaller scale, these examples are found and that state money just flows freely without anyone questioning this or doing anything about it has become so common but also so hidden that we ordinary mortals hardly know about it. Look at a regular workplace and take, for example, the finance department: if you as an employee work at a privately owned company as a finance assistant, you have full days full, chores and responsibilities fill your time and you do a job that matches your salary.

If, on the other hand, you work for a state or municipal company, let’s say a finance department, then you have tasks and responsibilities that only fill about 60% of your time – the rest is spent balling things back and forth, waiting for answers from various others departments, attend endless and unnecessary meetings, wait for a yes or no from above, etc. So you only spend your time on money that comes from the taxpayers. A flow of money has thus only been created and we do not make use of the resources that are available in the best way, at the same time as we are more than happy to trumpet out to the entire population and employees around the country that we lack both money and good labor.

The shortage is thus deliberately created to get an economic wheel going. A system where money is moved back and forth in all possible and impossible processes that are difficult to understand, even difficult to see if you do not carefully examine the overall picture and can make clear connections on how the system is structured. All to confuse us from the outside so that we can believe the words spoken by our leaders and news channels. It creates concern when the statement about lack of resources is highlighted here and there. Which is what they want, because anxious and scared citizens are easy to control.

Money is wasted at the same time as resources are used to the maximum to get us in check and run around during the day and live in a stressful and anxious everyday life. Once again, we end up in that little box the leaders want us in. When we are weak, scared and confused. That’s when they can make us dance to their tune – because we are nothing more than puppets for the world’s top elite.

Martin Nilsson, Pengabrist

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