Lack of Playstation 5 also in 2022

Playstation 5

Sony does not really see the light yet when it comes to filling the shelves with the PS5 for a while, even 2022 looks like it could be hit by empty shelves.

That there are still very many who are chasing after Playstation 5 is probably no secret, lack of components, many markets that want consoles while Sony is doing everything in its power to meet demand.

Sony itself has said that they produce about 800,000 consoles a month and even though this figure is so high, it is out of stock everywhere.

According to Bloomberg Sony has recently talked to some analysts in the industry who believe that the lack of Playstation 5 will continue throughout 2022, the lack of components is a big problem and not only for Sony but also Microsoft and other types of hardware with similar components .

Is this what it will look like in the future? News is released but are the shelves empty for the first two years? Or is all this because of the pandemic?

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