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Learn how to pair JBL speakers together – all you need to know

Learn how to pair JBL speakers together – all you need to know

Though this article will mainly focus on how to pair JBL speakers together yet, you will also learn other relevant and enticing information about JBL speakers.

Until not very recently, there was no concept of pairing two speakers with each other wirelessly, but the American manufacturer JBL set new trends in the niche and first came up with the idea of connecting two JBL speakers.

With time the manufacturer noticed its potential and came to know that a lot of younger generations prefer using JBL speakers while they are outside and partying on beaches. That’s why they came up with the idea of pairing more than two speakers together; furthermore, the maximum limit of connecting more than two speakers is 100.

The first JBL models that were equipped with the feature of connecting were Pulse 2, Clip 2, and Flip 3, and this limit at that time was 2 but was later increased to 100. So it is recommended to read until the end to learn more about how to pair JBL speakers together

How to pair JBL speakers together – A step-by-step explanation

Primarily there were only two JBL speakers that had the option to get connected. However, the manufacturer made further advancements in JBL speakers, and now there are 100 speakers that can connect with each, but how?

In the steps mentioned below, you will get to know about the whole process, which is simple and easy to follow means you do not need to have any sort of technical knowledge. Make sure you follow each step properly in order to connect various words without any hassle.

· The first and foremost step is to turn on the JBL speaker, be that for connecting with an iPhone or any other device.

· Enable Bluetooth so that other devices can find it and allow them to pair with the primary JBL speaker

· Now open your iPhone, Samsung, MAC, windows, or whatever other device you use and search for available devices. (Make sure your device’s Bluetooth is switched on prior to searching for other devices).

· Now that Bluetooth is enabled on both devices, make sure you pair the primary JBL speaker with the audio source

· You are now successfully connected with the primary speaker and can listen to the music without any complexity (connected with only one JBL speaker).

· To connect with other speakers, go to the primary speaker and press connect button that will look like an hourglass with two options, i.e., connect and connect + protocols. There you will also see an infinity symbol for speakers that have “partyboost.”

· Press the “connect button” on the second speaker that you want to connect to the first one and wait for the cue.

· Finally, you have now experienced the process of how to pair JBL speakers together. Now you are able to listen to the same songs on two different speakers at the same time.

· To connect a third JBL speaker, simply repeat the above step where you will have to only press the connect button, and the speaker will show its magic.

This was all about how to pair JBL speakers together, but how can you monitor all the connected speakers? Well, JBL portable is an app, formerly called JBL connect, that you can download and see the pairing devices, not to mention managing them. Furthermore, once various speakers are connected, you can change “stereo” mode to “party” and vice versa. This app is available for both android and IOS.

Which JBL speaker can pair together?

Though you learned the process of pairing multiple speakers, it was easier and simpler and became even simpler when the second, third, fourth and so on speakers were connected. What’s more important is to know which speakers are compatible and which are not.

Only those speakers are able to connect and follow the same communication protocol. For example, you can connect as many as 100 pulse 3 and charge 4 speakers because the communication pattern they follow is the same.

On the other hand, you cannot connect pulse 2 and flip 4 because they follow a different communication protocol. So make sure the speakers that you want to connect with are following the same communication protocol.

Different protocols for different models

There are different protocols for different models where the older ones can only allow two speakers to connect. The table below shows different JBL speakers’ models and the communication protocol they follow.

Sr. noConnect FeatureConnect+PartyBoost 
1Flip 3Flip 4Flip 5, Flip 6
2Charge 3Xtreme 2Pulse 4, Pulse 5 
3Pulse 2Pulse 3Boombox 2
4Clip 2Charge 4BoomBox 3
5 BoomboxXtreme 3

Remember that other than charge 3, no other model can be upgraded; moreover, you cannot communicate protocols that are not compatible in the backward position which means that those models who follow the same communication can get connected.

Also, remember that the recent models with the latest protocols can connect up to 100, whereas the maximum number of speakers is 2 for older models with protocol “connect.”

Updating JBL connect+ to partyboost!

JBL speakers cannot be upgraded; that means that a speaker that is manufactured with connect+ protocol will always remain with the same protocol and any sort of upgrade is now available.

But there is an exception for charge 3 that comes with the connection protocol. Overall the communication protocols are isolated from each other, so in case you want to get access to the latest protocol, then the only solution is spending extra bucks and purchasing the latest model.

Unpairing, a speaker

In case more speakers are connected and you decide to disconnect one of them while others remain connected, you can do so with any difficulty. You can simply turn off the speaker you want to unpair.

Also, make sure it’s not the primary speaker because disconnecting the primary speaker will lead to the disconnection of all other speakers. The primary speaker is the one that is connected with the audio source such as mobile phones or personal computers.

That’s all about how to pair JBL speakers together; hopefully, you learned something new.

Thank you for reading!

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