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Legendary Digital Assets of 21st Century: From 3D Printing to Blockchain

Legendary Digital Assets of 21st Century From 3D Printing to Blockchain

When humanity first created a computer, the world changed. Even if it feels that the 21st century cannot bring such an innovation, “hello world” happens every day. And we must pride ourselves in so many technologies since they are our future available in our reality. 

Tech develops different solutions for niches of all kinds. In this article, we won’t cover, for example, marketing & sales assets. Even though technology in these spheres is advanced, we cannot say that those tools are crucial for all of humanity since only a limited amount of people use them. 

But it’s worth mentioning that tools that allow e-stores to track clients’ decisions or buy TikTok fans are pretty impressive. Maybe, we’ll tell you more about them later! 

Here, we present the five revolutionary novelties the 21st century will always be famous for!

Additive Manufacturing aka 3D Printing 

You may not know what additive manufacturing is, but 3D printing is not something shocking anymore. And those are the same things! 

When the technology of creating objects with layers was developed, people used it to create small things, for example, collective figures and toys. Later, people started renovating their houses with it and even building homes with a three-dimensional method as a core!

In 2022, additive manufacturing is rapidly used even in medicine for crazy purposes. So what will be next? Will we create new planets using 3D devices?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence, well-known as AI, is a game-changer. 

We, humans, always have dreamt of creating a new form of life. Even if you can question the ethical side (which is covered by many movies, books & theories), this technology actually exists already. 

But you can rest easily since even the most advanced AI is practically just a machine for collecting data. They are not capable of overthrowing humanity. At least, yet.

Blockchain: Advanced Digital Ledger 

The 21st century came with innovations and also risks. The smarter technology becomes, the harder it is to protect ourselves from hacking. And money is the main target (always). 

It’s how the world got blockchain. 

In simple terms, blockchain is a code created for saving information in the most difficult ways for hacking. This digital ledger creates thousands of different transactions across its network which makes hackers sweat and dream of another job. 

Mobile Operating Systems 

We’ll tell you two words and then two more: 

  • Android, iOS, Symbian, and Windows mobile OS 

Simply, mobile operating systems allowed humanity to develop phones on the level of smartphones we use today. Can you imagine your life without this device? We can barely, and it speaks a lot!

Today, it’s easier to live without a fridge than a phone.

Streaming & Live Streaming

In short, streaming and live streaming technologies are soft for broadcasting information worldwide. 

You can broadcast everything: videos, audio, your screen, other people’s screens, torrents, etc. 

And no, streaming is not only for loud people on Twitch. You couldn’t listen to a new track by Beyonce right after its release if dozens of streaming services weren’t available today. 

Remember how it was to buy CDs or even vinyl. Let’s thank multicast apps that we must not do it anymore!

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