LG webOS can access several TVs

LG webOS can access several TVs

LG has really become known for its name and now announces that their operating systems in the TVs will come to more than just LG in the future.

LG now surprises by announcing that their operating system webOS that is in the TVs can be a system we will see much more of in the future and the reason for this is the system will be available in several devices soon.

It is already known that companies such as RCA, Ayonz and Konka will benefit from webOS, but for some reason this will not apply to the latest webOS 6.0 which has a completely new interface, but it is webOS 5.
0 that applies to begin with.

It’s still interesting to see how LG actually opens up its system to more manufacturers and maybe this can be something that makes them even more attractive in the future.

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