Limit the speed of downloads in Epic Games Launcher

Limit the speed of downloads in Epic Games Launcher

Steal your kids, siblings or parents (!) All the bandwidth to update Fortnite or download a bunch of great games from the Epic Games Store? How to limit the speed of downloads – so others can use the Internet as well.

As a rule, it is, in terms of speed, quite quick to retrieve games purchased via Epic Games Launcher / Store. The client (the program itself), on the other hand, has a tendency to grab all the bandwidth it can access. Something that means that other people in the household can sometimes barely use Internet at all as long as a game is downloaded.

Smoothly enough, there is a built-in function in Epic Games Launcher which makes it possible to limit the speed of games downloaded. How to use it!

Set a maximum download speed in Epic Games Launcher

1. Start by opening Epic Games Launcher and click Settings, bottom left (no Downloads, as one might easily think).

Epic Games - Settings - Downloads - Speed ​​- Limit2. Scroll a bit down the list and tick Throttle Downloads under the title Preferences.

Epic Games - Throttle Downloads - Throttle Downloads3. Right under Throttle Downloads a box now appears. It is in this you fill in which you want to be the maximum speed Epic Games Launcher may download games and other content with. The number to be filled in must be in KB (kilobyte). Where 1000 KB (kilobyte) corresponds to one MB (megabytes). If you are not really sure what to fill in here, feel free to read on!

Epic Games Launcher - Throttle - Speed ​​limit

4. If you are unsure of which number to fill in, it is probably best to start by finding out how much bandwidth the downloads normally use. The fastest way to do this is to start any game download. Then take a look under the heading Downloads (1) and on the number at the end of Download (2).

Epic Games Launcher - See download speedIn the case above, the maximum download speed oscillates between 5 and 6 MB / s (megabyte / s). Translated to KB (kilobyte) becomes this 5000-6000 KB / s. A sensible figure to fill in would in this case be perhaps 3000 KB (KB). Which then leaves between 2-3 MB (megabytes) to other users on the network.

If you know your download speed right from the start, it is of course also possible to calculate which figure to fill in based on it. Is e.g. your connection speed for downloads 50Mbit / s (megabit, not change) you need to share it with 8 to obtain the maximum download speed in MB (megachange). Which then would be 50/8 = 6.25 MB / s (megabyte / s). Counted in KB (kilobyte) then the maximum download speed becomes approx 6250 KB / s.

It is not more difficult than that to limit the downloads in Epic Games Launcher. The only really tricky thing is really to keep track of the differences between megabytes, megabytes and kilobytes. If you feel something is unclear, just ask in the comments below!

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