Limited memory in the new iPad Pro – can only use 5GB per app

Apple limits how much memory apps on the new iPad Pro get users. The maximum limit is 5GB, even though the tablet has up to 16GB in total to use.

It is the developer behind the popular Procreate that reveals the limitation of the new iPad Pro. More specifically, they highlight the criticism that there is no difference in how many layers in the drawing app can open on the model with 8GB vs 16GB memory.

So you get no advantage at all when you buy iPad Pro with 16GB of memory. At least not in this situation right now. There is always a chance that Apple will drop its sharp restriction in the future.

Procreate can use 115 layers per image on the new iPad Pro

There is no guarantee that Apple will do anything about this restriction, so if you buy the more expensive iPad Pro model, you may not be able to take full advantage of its capabilities.

With the latest update to Procreate, the number of layers in the same image increased from 91 in 2018 and the 2020 iPad Pro to 115 in the new M1 model. An increase of 26 percent, which can be said to be a decent improvement.

If Procreate could have used 13GB in the more expensive iPad Pro model, the number could increase significantly.

iPad Pro and iPhone do not use swap files

By allocating 5GB of memory on the smaller, cheaper variant with 8GB, 3GB remains for system processes and other things that are necessary. If Apple releases the restriction so that the 16GB variant can use 13GB, then exactly the same amount remains, which would be reasonable and feasible.

It is worth mentioning that iPadOS and iOS do not use so-called swap files like macOS. All files that need to be saved temporarily are stored in memory, which is why apps close in the background when you open new ones.

This is also why Safari often has to reload the contents of tabs when you have several open at the same time.

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