Listen to YouTube with the screen off on iPhone (without Premium)

Listen to YouTube with the screen off on iPhone (without Premium)

Music is always nice. Which makes it easily unpleasant when it is not possible to listen to it as you want. Sometimes, however, there are roads around the built-in restrictions.

There is a lot of nice music to pop through YouTube. Personally, right now I prefer all the beautiful ones Lo-Fi collections which has started to pop up. Perfect background music when sitting and working. However, you do not always sit in front of the computer. Many times it is instead the phone that is allowed to act as a music player.

In that situation, do you want to be able to listen to music via YouTube it is required in the case of iPhone one YouTube Premiumaccount to be able to turn off the screen without stopping playback immediately. Interestingly, it is possible to get around this limitation, even without one Premium-account. Here I was going to go through how to do!

Listen to YouTube with the screen off on the iPhone

The trick to getting YouTubevideos to continue playing even when the screen is off consist of two ingredients. Secondly, to use a browser instead YouTubeapp, partly to force the desktop version of YouTube. It sounds a bit cumbersome, but it’s super easy.

  1. Start by starting Safari and navigate to YouTube. (The following probably works with other browsers as well, but then Safari is the most common I use this.)
  2. Point to ᴀA symbol at the top left of the address bar and select Request web version.
  3. The whole page is now reloading to show the version of YouTube which can be seen if you browse the site via a standard computer browser.

Request web version of YouTube - iPhone - Music off screen

  1. Then find the video you want to listen to and start it. It is a bit trickier to use the site in desktop mode compared to the usual mobile mode. Do not be afraid to use the zoom function!
  2. If you now lock the screen, the video stops playing as usual. However, a click on the screen lock button reveals that it is still active and can be restarted by tapping Play button.

iPhone - Play YouTube Video - Screen OffUnfortunately, the above method is far from perfect. For example, to skip advertising, you still need to unlock the phone, open it Safari, minimize the video and click Skip ad. But for the moments you really want to listen to something via YouTube and do not feel like investing in Premium it is at least easy to know that it can actually be achieved.

What are you listening to on YouTube? Feel free to share your tips on good music channels or other fun. I start by tipping Leo Moracchioli (also easy to listen to, but… not so Lo-Fi). Alternatively, shout out if something was unclear or did not work as described!

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