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Longer battery life with Apple Watch 7 – new sensors are given priority


Apple Watch 7 prioritizes battery life over new sensors. If the data from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is correct, you can expect longer use per charge, but fewer new features when Watch 7 is released later this year.

  • Sensor for glucose measurement under development
  • Must select battery capacity over new sensors
  • Reworked design and new screen for Watch 7

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Many rumors about Apple Watch 7

We’ve seen a lot of rumors about the Apple Watch 7 in just the last month.

Among other things, there is talk that the screen will not be an OLED like previous models, but will switch to mini-LED as the 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 ″ user.

We have also been told that the processor is both faster and more energy efficient, and that the thickness of the smartwatch is increasing. The design has also been given a flatter look with sharper sides similar to the later iPad Pro tablets.

The thickness and the reworked design is extra interesting right now.

The reason is that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims to have information that indicates that Apple is increasing the battery life in its upcoming smartwatch.

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The Apple Watch 7 is physically smaller than its predecessors

Battery life will increase thanks to several changes in Watch 7.

Among other things, the battery has become physically larger, partly due to the increased thickness of the smartwatch. But also thanks to the extra space created by a smaller (but more powerful processor).

According to Kuo, Apple uses a new, double-sided System in Package (SIP) technology that reduces the physical size of the processor.

The reduced size allows Apple to choose between either a larger battery or new health-oriented sensors. And Apple had really wanted the sensors in this case, but Kuo believes that delayed deliveries force the company to choose more battery capacity instead.

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Glucose measurement in progress – within a few years

According to the website Bloomberg, Apple is working on developing a new sensor for glucose measurement. It is a non-invasive sensor that uses light to perform the measurement.

The sensor is far from ready according to the information available today.

Apple had previously aimed to put a body temperature sensor in this year’s model, but that is now more likely to be included in the 2022 update. The blood-sugar sensor, which would help diabetics monitor their glucose levels, is unlikely to be ready for commercial launch for several more years.

Apple is also said to have planned to include a sensor for measuring body temperature. However, that idea is something that the company has been forced to scrap according to Ming-Chi Kuo. The support for measuring body temperature should instead be in the 2022 Apple Watch 8 according to early information.


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