Look at possible models this year

Start in spring with 10.5 inch display and A13 CPU possible

Various new iPad models are expected again in 2021. Initial forecasts today deal with the peculiarities of the models that the new year could bring. A new iPad Pro is expected on the one hand, but also an updated entry-level iPad.

Apple is expected to bring some new iPads onto the market again in 2021. A outlook from Japan now goes a little closer to the possible properties of the new models. After that, Apple will iPad (Affiliate-Link) for beginners of the ninth generation with a design that is based on the appearance of the iPad Air of the fourth generation. Apple brought this model onto the market in 2019, while the iPad Air 4 was closer to the iPad Pro. According to Chinese supply chain circles, Apple will equip the ninth generation iPad with an identical 10.2 inch display. However, at 6.4 mm, the new model should be significantly thinner and, with a weight of 460 grams, also considerably lighter than its predecessor. The other properties such as the specification of the display, Touch ID and Lightning port should remain unchanged.

The exterior of the iPad Pro also remains unchanged

It also says that Apple will not change the design of the new iPad Pro in 2021. It will therefore continue to correspond to the design of the current iPad Pro.
However, there should be significant improvements in performance, which is implemented by an A-Series CPU, which is not specified in detail. Apple probably relies on a variant of the A14 CPU here.

It is not clear when Apple would like to bring the new iPads onto the market; a start in spring is just as possible as a presentation at a keynote in September.

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