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iPhone 13 with improved Wi-Fi 6, but initially probably not a new iPhone SE

The iPhone 12 started a little stronger than its predecessor, as a current look at the purchasing behavior of selected consumers shows. However, there were winners and losers in the new big lineup of the current model.

Apple’s current iPhone lineup has been well received by consumers: This has already been shown by various assessments, about which we, among others, in this message had reported and that confirms another one Elevation. The analysts of the market research company Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) sketch in a look at the sales situation of the iPhone 12 a strong popularity of the new models.

On the iPhone 12 (Affiliate Link) in all of its four versions accounted for around 76% of the iPhones sold in the US in the month of launch, with CIRP here as of December 13, 2020 refers, because only from then on was the iPhone 12 lineup fully available in stores.

The iPhone 12 Mini disappoints

For comparison: In the previous year, the iPhone 11 accounted for only 69% of the models sold in the USA in the corresponding period. In detail, the iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max accounted for 30%, and the significantly cheaper iPhone 11 for 39%.

The clear winner in the lineup is currently the iPhone 12, which made up around 27% of sales. The loser is just as clearly recognizable: The iPhone 12 Mini accounted for only 6% of the purchases, here CIRP identified the rather high price as the reason for the weak sales compared to the models also still in the lineup. In other words, apart from its size, the iPhone 12 Mini is just as well equipped as the larger models and similarly expensive, which seems to attract few customers.

The weak point of the survey is the extremely small sample of 243 participants, a known problem with most CIRP surveys.

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