Lossless Audio for HomePod with upcoming update


Apple confirms that HomePod and HomePod Mini will support new Lossless Audio with an upcoming update.
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Later in June, support for Lossless Audio will be released on Apple Music. Then users can listen to both Lossless and the higher quality Hi-Res Lossless on compatible gadgets.
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When Lossless Audio was first introduced, it was clear that neither the AirPods series nor the HomePod series would support the format.

And the criticism has not been long in coming.

Why give users really good sound quality, but without being able to play it on existing Apple gadgets in a good way?

Thankfully, it now turns out that Apple does not intend to leave AirPod and HomePod users completely in the lurch. At least not if you have an AirPod Max on your head.

Lossless Audio for HomePod and AirPods Max after all

According to a support document on Apple’s official website, Lossless Audio will be available for both HomePod models and AirPods Max in 2021.

All that is needed is an update that provides the support.

Note that for AirPods Max it is only via cable, which means that Airpods Pro and other models do not work with Lossless Audio.

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