Louis Vuitton has released a wireless speaker

Louis Vuitton has released a wireless speaker


Louis Vuitton continues a little bit to release new gadgets and this time a wireless speaker with a different design but high price tag.

Louis Vuitton wants to show how they think a wireless speaker should be and has now released Horizon Light Up.

This is a speaker that got its inspiration for the design from the Toupie handbag and the handbag itself has taken its inspiration from some type of spaceship.

Louis Vutton Horizon Light Up

Horizon Light Up when it comes to hardware is equipped with a base of three inches and two trebles of 0.
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75 inches. The speaker supports Bluetooth 5.
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1 and Airplay 2.

It is also possible to answer your calls via the speaker and then you have three microphones that will give the best possible calls.

When it comes to design, Horizon Light Up has been equipped with LED lights, a total of 35 pieces and details of leather.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up

As usual with Louis Vuitton, this is not a cheap story. If you want to buy Horizon Light Up, you have to pay 2,890 dollars, ie just under 30,000 kronor for a wireless speaker.

Louis Vutton Horizon Light Up


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