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Machine learning & AI – The Great Reset is here


We have been in an age for a few years now where our technical products are getting better and better at collecting information and learning things that are connected to our routines, interests, schedules, geographical locations and personal contacts.

When we get in the car after work and are about to start our journey to the safe corner of the home, we quickly get a message from the car about which road is the fastest home and most efficient. The car together with your mobile phone has learned your behavior and can therefore read and present a solution for you that is adapted to your historical movement, connected with GPS and activated location services. We appreciate this help and do not think about it anymore – because it is quite nice anyway. At the moment, you just want to go home and be relieved that you do not have to work harder after a hard day’s work. You probably do not even think that you are monitored and that technology is keeping track of you.

Furthermore, there is talk that AI has made our lives better. But the truth is that AI is not really that widespread. Right now we are only experiencing so-called “machine learning”. This means that technology learns and can evaluate things based on historical data and provides suggestions based solely on yesterday, last week and what it looked like six months ago. For example, if you start a new job and for a few weeks drive the same way back and forth during the same times, the technical gadgets you have connected to your life will also learn this after a while – classic “machine learning”.

However, we will not get solutions that are based on our history in everyday life once AI really comes into play. Then our technical gadgets will interact with other technical products and with the help of a new intelligence, which we humans will not understand, give suggestions on how we should act and behave. How this will affect humanity, there are still only theories about. The experts in the field themselves cannot predict what development will look like. It’s a new intelligence we’ve never seen before.

Since the middle of the 20th century, with great expectant and impressive looks, we have opened our arms to all aids created and launched through modern technology to improve Western industrial society and its inhabitants. Western society has changed into something we could never have imagined just 100 years ago and its structure and structure are unrecognizable. And yet everything we see around us so far is created solely by man.

If we look at the USA and Boston, there is a company that is at the forefront in the manufacture of robots. Here they have come so far that they have created robots that can move very much like a human, with arms and legs that can walk, jump, sit and perform tasks. We have also developed machines that can answer the phone and help to respond to the caller by giving answers to the various questions that are asked, daily we certainly meet this in the form of automatic answers in customer service or the like. Developments have come so far that we hardly care whether we are talking or writing with a real physical human or a pre-programmed robot and computerized voice. But still, all these are only products developed by us humans.

All this development that takes place in technology is possible because we constantly allow the big tech companies to monitor us with the help of our personal technical gadgets. As long as we use products connected to the internet, we work for free for these tech companies and help to develop better machine learning and faster and more efficient computer technology – however, we also allow them to resell and share information to world leader.

In a couple of years, we will also be able to operate on a chip in a person’s head – a chip connected to the brain. These chips will be used, among other things, to cure diseases and analyze our health, but also “help us” to keep our daily lives in order. This technology will even be able to locate and save memories and further with this be able to erase certain memories stored in our brain. Incredibly good, right? Think how wonderful it is to be able to opt out of traumatic memories and events that happened in, well, say even childhood and just be able to live a happy and flawless life without a lot of horrible thoughts and nightmares that pop up sometimes. Or?

And what happens when our authorities get access to these chips and then indirectly also our brains, our memories, our thoughts, our movement patterns and our lives? If we think we are monitored today with location services, apps, cameras and speakers on our mobiles that store and transmit data and information – what will things look like when these chips are introduced? How much of our freedom will we then have left?

However, I would like to point out that all these technical gadgets are still produced and created by us humans. Some products have even been produced in good faith by researchers and engineers who, with good ideas, wanted to launch products meant to help individuals or companies for promotional purposes.
But money and power have also meant that many technical gadgets today are used in a vicious way where profit and welfare for the elite is the only thing that matters.

So what will happen on the day when man has created such an intelligent AI that can itself begin to develop, be produced, created and spread in society? When we start inserting chips in people’s brains at exactly the same time frame and let the world of technology have access to all our innermost thoughts – at least the 10% brain capacity we use, so far. These robots and machine learning that already exist and work in the community in different forms and in different ways, whether they are physical machines or computerized voices in a customer service.

The implantation of a chip in human brains is planned to be launched in just a few years. AI and data chips in people’s brains in a wonderful mix of machine learning and the tech companies’ predilection for power and money go a dangerous way. And is it a coincidence that vaccines were developed and marketed by a person who began his career in computers and technology?

The phrase “The great reset” is probably so much more true than we have ever been able to imagine.
And this change will probably take place in a way we will not understand and even then will not be able to control.

I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans – and I’m rooting for the machines. ” Claude Shannon

Martin Nilsson

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