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macOS Big Sur 11.2 RC 3 distributed

macOS Big Sur 11.1 Beta 2 for Developers is here

Apple has just distributed a third release candidate of macOS Big Sur 11.2 to the developers. This could fix a security hole that recently appeared in many Unix-like operating systems. This means that the release of the final version of macOS Big Sur 11.2 has been postponed.Apple has just distributed another release candidate for macOS Big Sur 11.2. The third version of the upcoming update has now been presented in a short time. This RC can now also be loaded and installed by the registered developers. The update can be initiated in the system settings in the software update area.

macOS Big Sur 11.2 RC 3 could affect security vulnerabilities

It’s unclear what prompted Apple to distribute a third pre-release version of the upcoming update. One possibility, however, is that this modified RC is related to a vulnerability that was recently discovered in the sudo command. This command can be used to execute code with maximum privileges on Unix-like operating systems. Patches for various Linux variants had been released in the last few days. It is not clear when macOS Big Sur 11.

2 will be released for all users, but it should be at least next week.
macOS Big Sur 11.2 brings various improvements and bug fixes, including those related to Bluetooth and external displays.

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