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Good Morning all! Apple is currently struggling with various security problems again. It also gets stuck here and there, for example on the Mac. Among other things, those were yesterday’s topics. I warmly welcome you to the overview in the morning.

Until recently, iCloud had a security hole that was tough. It allowed an attacker to distribute malicious code using manipulated Pages and Keynote files.
The loophole has since been closed and brought to its discoverer a pretty penny on.

New malware detected on Mac

Apple users with the new M1 Mac can be attacked by another malware. Only recently were the first malicious programs sighted for the M1-Mac a potentially more dangerous construct has now been discovered. It does not currently actively attack the users of infected systems, but that can change, more here.

Mac mini bug has hit readers too

Yesterday morning we reported about the colorful pixels on the Mac Mini with the M1 chip. Later it became clear that this phenomenon will also be observed by readers. Apple could offer a solution with the update to macOS Big Sur 11.3.

In short

What else was important

Netflix has introduced a new feature. With “Downloads for You”, series and films should always be available on the mobile device according to the user’s taste, but the function will probably arrive a little later on the iPhone and iPad, more here.

Mark Zuckerberg has tinkered with Facebook’s moderation processes.

Mark Zuckerberg is said to have personally weakened the punishment for spreading hatred and agitation on Facebook. Research by US media demonstratethat conspiracy theorist Alex Jones had violated the Facebook terms and conditions several times. However, it was not sanctioned after Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg intervened personally and interfered with the definition of prohibited posts. The resulting uncertainty in the relevant specialist departments also led to the fact that for a long time insufficiently vigorous action was taken against hate postings on the platform.

The Corona warning app should warn more aggressively.

The Corona Warning App is looking forward to its next update. Among other things, this should have an impact on the time that a person has to spend in the immediate vicinity of a user of the app who is later reported as infected in order for a risk encounter to be reported. When This time is to be halved from ten to five minutes. It is not yet clear when the new update will appear.

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