Many, very many PS5s have been shipped so far

Sony Playstation 5

Sony has now presented its budget report for 2020, where we get figures on how many PS5s have been shipped, and there are surprisingly many.

It’s not really a secret or has been difficult to escape how big the shortage of Playstation 5 still is. Sony is doing pretty much everything they can to produce as many Playstation 5 as possible but still the market just wants more and more.

Now Sony has presented its budget report for 2020 and there we find out, among other things, that Sony has managed to get 7.8 million Playstation 5 consoles to retailers around the world, but even more impressive is probably that 4.5 million of these were shipped during the last quarter, which is very many consoles . Between January 1st and March 31st, Sony managed to ship 3.3 million consoles, impressive!

If sales of the PS5 continue at this pace, it will overtake the PS4 in the number of consoles sold, PS4 sold about 7 million consoles at its launch so interest in the PS5 is significantly higher.
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Now we can only hope that Sony can refill the warehouse shelves really soon around the world so more and more people get the chance to acquire the console, we also have several games to look forward to exclusively for PS5 later this fall.
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