MBBS in Philippines for Indian students

When compared to the other Asian countries, Indian students have an affinity towards the medical colleges and universities of the Philippines and rightfully so. The fact that there are only a handful of government medical colleges in India (confirming admission in which is extremely tough) and the privately-funded colleges are not as good as the rest has been ringing a bell with the students for quite some time now. They have realized that even if they seek admission in any one of the private medical colleges, the fee structure will inevitably compel them to back out and look for other recourses. As opposed to this, the top medical colleges of the Philippines receive financial and resourceful funding from the government thereby, inescapably raising the bar of qualitative education and relaxing the rigidity of an unreasonably high tuition and accommodation fees.

Keeping all things aside, the best part about top medical colleges of the Philippines lies in the fact that all of them are recognized by the Natioanl Medical Comission (NMC), which is known to be the highest authority in studies pertaining to medicine in the country and World Health Organization (WHO). The degree that the students are certified at the end of their courses makes it possible for them to secure the career of a practitioner in all parts of the world alike. This is fairly the reason why the Philippines become home to more than 3000 medical students from India.

Moreover, another advantage of studying MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is embedded in the truth that the eligibility criteria demand the minimum from its students. Far from being layered by innumerable screening tests and interviews, the admission procedure and criterion for pursuing MBBS is incredibly straightforward for the Indian students. All you will have to do is secure more than or equal to 50% marks in your +2 board exams with the subjects inclusive of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology and qualify the NEET examination- the standard test that measures the merit of medical students in India. That is all; that is all you will need to successfully chase your dream of studying MBBS abroad and reach the finish line with a degree that is valid in every country of the world. 

The medical colleges of the Philippines prefer acquainting their students with thorough practical knowledge instead of only focusing on the theoretical lessons which most of the universities in their own nation do. The 6 years-long courses are segregated into two neat parts; the first four years will be dedicated to classroom learning and the last two years will involve full-fledged practical applications of the same thus, ensuing the students with a first-hand understanding of all the concepts incorporated in their course. Nevertheless, if you are worried about adapting to the culture of a new country then let us tell you that the weather of the Philippines is quite like India and the standard language of communication is English. The college campuses certify that all their students, teachers and staff are protected by 24*7 surveillance therefore, leaving no room for their security of the former to get compromised.

Philippines Medical college fees for international students are also a major factor most International students prefer to study medicine in this country. Students can gain high quality medical education at most affordable cost.

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