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Messages app still chokes notifications about new messages, do you?

iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3 available in a new RC version for developers

iPhone users are still struggling with a lack of notifications of new SMS and iMessage messages. Although this error pattern sounds familiar to us, it initially looked as if only the iPhone 12 was affected and Apple had meanwhile provided an update for this. Other iPhone models apparently also show this malfunction. Are you also affected and if so, with which iPhone model?

The problem of missing notifications for new messages in the Messages app is apparently still not resolved. As before, users report in Apple’s official reports Support community that they will not receive notifications of new SMS or iMessages. These did not appear on the lock screen, nor as a push message, and the number on the messaging app that indicates unread messages is displayed to those affected.

No known working solution

Affected users report on all conceivable approaches to counter the problem. From a simple restart of the iPhone to a complete reset or even the replacement of the hardware, everything is included.
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Nothing clearly seems to help. The problem seems to be limited to iOS 14.
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2 but occurs on different iPhone models.

Previously, iPhone 12 users of a similar quirk of the software affected, especially group messages were not reported by notification. Apple had iOS 14.2.1 published and specifically pointed out this problem in the comments on the update, but this does not seem to completely eliminate the error. It remains to be seen whether iOS 14.3, which is just around the corner, will solve the problem.

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