Messages are deleted automatically in WhatsApp – a new feature

Messages are deleted automatically in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that allows messages to be deleted automatically.

The function is aimed at privacy-demanding users who want messages to be deleted automatically after they have been read.

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Currently being tested in the latest beta

To try out the new feature, you need to be a beta tester with WhatsApp TestFlight on iOS.

You can activate the function via the settings where a new mode is called “Disappearing Mode”.

When enabled, all messages will be deleted automatically as soon as you read them on your phone.

New chats have the function switched on automatically when Disappearing Mode is activated, for old chats you must activate the function manual chat for a chat.

Since the new privacy mode is in beta right now, we do not know when a broader launch is relevant.

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WhatsApp & Facebook have been heavily criticized

But since WhatsApp has it in beta form, it does not take too long before the function is released to all users.

WhatsApp, and the parent company Facebook, have been heavily criticized in recent months for the new privacy policy that will be activated shortly.

WhatsApp is so heavily criticized that the number of installations has fallen sharply from year to year. Down by 43 percent according to new statistics – at the same time as the competitors Signal and Telegram have increased by 1,200 percent (!).

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