Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition has been released

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition has been released

Soon, Metro Exodus can be even nicer than it already was with Ray Tracing and the wait will fortunately be short for PC.

It is clear that Metro Exodus will come as Enhanced Edition, which among other things means that Metro Exodus will get support for Advanced Ray Traced Reflections and DLSS 2.0, which will make an already very nice and detailed game even better.
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This only applies to PC at the moment and it is important that you have an RTX card, but what makes everything even better is that if you already own Metro Exodus today on PC, this upgrade to Enhanced Edition will be included, just update the game .

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition will be released anyway on May 6 and currently only for PC.

At the beginning of the post, you will find when Digital Foundry takes a look at Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition and sees what improvements it actually is.

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