Microsoft has Edge based on Chromium progress for Xbox

Xbox Series X and S

Soon it may be possible to play Google Stadia on its Xbox console if Chromium – based Edge becomes a reality.

It is not really a big news to be able to use browsers on our consoles, we have been able to do this for some time now. However, it has never really been particularly useful or smooth.
But now Microsoft seems to be running Edge which is based on Chromium in the new Xbox consoles, it is already possible to test this browser if you want on your console.

To be able to test it, you must participate in Alpha Skip-Ahead in Xbox Insider software, which among other things will allow you to sync all your platforms that Edge is installed on, at the moment there is no support for keyboard and mouse, but should come . A nice thing is that you will for example be able to play Google Stadia on your Xbox console as this is possible on chromium browsers.

It will be fun to see how far and how much better the browsers will actually be in our new modern consoles, or if it will be the same rubbish as before.

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