Microsoft has now introduced Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11
Microsoft Windows 11

The day has come, a new generation of Windows has been introduced and a lot has happened both on the interface and the features.

Microsoft now feels ready to present Windows 11, which will be the next generation operating system. There is a lot to cover but I thought I would cover the most interesting news, if you want to see everything that Microsoft has talked about regarding Windows 11, I recommend their website which summarizes everything.

Microsoft Windows 11

It is clear that Microsoft has worked hard to get the interface in order regardless of screen size and resolution, according to Microsoft it should be easy and smooth to switch between different devices and that Windows 11 more or less keeps track of all this and arranges and sorts it automatically.

Start menu & design

Perhaps the biggest news with Windows 11 is the design of the operating system, among other things we will now be able to choose between dark or light themes and that we can set themes depending on what we do, we can have one for gaming, one for work, one for leisure, etc. . Easier to adapt and separate the different things.

Microsoft Windows 11

Also all windows in Windows 11 have now got more rounded edges, this should according to Microsoft make them feel more like windows (windows) and give a modern impression on the operating system.

The start menu has a completely new design and new functions, it has also been moved to the middle this time. This time, Microsoft has removed the grid that the start menu had before and this time instead shows a more stylish design and helps us see what files we opened last and makes it much easier to search for files and programs on their PC.

Microsoft Windows 11 Widgets


Widgets will return to Windows 11 but this time a little nicer and a little smoother, we find widgets by dragging in from the left side of the screen, if you can move and choose yourself how to open widgets remains to be seen. In widgets, you will be able to attach news feed weather, calendar, email, etc. This is guaranteed to be something that developers and Microsoft themselves will offer more services, however, one can hope that widgets in Windows 11 are much smoother than they once were.


Windows 11 would be nothing if it is not optimized for gaming and of course it (according to Microsoft) should have a huge focus on gaming in various ways. Microsoft says, among other things, that Windows 11 will offer Auto HRD and DirectX 12 Ultimate, which will graphically give a boost, according to Microsoft a real boost.

But other good news is that technology from the Xbox Series consoles is coming to Windows 11, including Direct Storage, which will provide faster charging times by having fast SSDs.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has now also become more integrated in Windows 11 so in short you do not need a monster computer to be able to play the latest game, Xbox Game Pass solves this.

Microsoft Store

It was about time, the Microsoft Store has now gotten a real boost when it comes to the design of the store. In the store, we will now be able to find both Progressive Web Apps, Universal Windows Platform Apps and standard Win32 apps. Something that Microsoft will change for developers is now that all apps that the developers have in the Windows Store in the future, they will get 100 percent of the revenue, so Microsoft does not want a piece of the pie, at the moment.

Another nice news is that we will be able to run Android apps in Windows 11, however, there is one drawback. To be able to run these Android apps, they must be on the Amazon Appstore because that is where the apps come from, you must also have an Amazon account to access all this.

Microsoft Windows 11 Xbox


If you want to test on Windows 11 at an early stage, Microsoft will run one Windows Insider Program for the operating system, however, one must have a PC that meets the minimum requirements. This is planned to be up and running now.

However, if you want to wait for the full version of Windows 11, Microsoft plans to release it by the end of the year and if you already have Windows 10 today, Windows 11 will be offered as a free update until 2023 as it looks now.

It will also be possible to buy only Windows 11, but this will take until the beginning of 2022. Microsoft will work hard to offer Windows 11 in all new computers that are released at the end of the year, instead of Windows 10.

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