Microsoft has now officially acquired Bethesda

Microsoft Bethesda

And at the same time as the purchase has gone through, Microsoft chooses to form a new subsidiary where the Bethesda gang will be part of.

It came as a shock when Microsoft bought Bethesda from nowhere for as much as $ 7.5 billion. But such a big deal must always be examined and now the EU has approved the deal, which means that Bethesda is now owned by Microsoft.
At the same time as the purchase went through, Microsoft chose to start a subsidiary called Vault and will include all previous Zeniamx studios such as id Software, Arkane and Machinegames.

Now it will be interesting to see which games Vault will surprise us with in the future, there are many wishes but it remains to be seen, however, it will be a few years before it actually becomes a title under Microsoft wings.

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