Microsoft has now valued over two trillion dollars




It is going well for Microsoft, so well that the valuation of the company has broken two trillion, which company is next in line to reach these figures faithfully.

Apple was valued at over two trillion dollars in August 2020 and which continues to grow as their valuation today is 2.24 trillion dollars.

But so now it’s time for Microsoft to reach two trillion dollars and it does not seem to decrease exactly, for those who wonder how much two trillion dollars are in kronor get, it is thus over 17 trillion kronor (!). What is even more exciting about Microsoft is that they have a brand new Windows running that I guess can make their shares increase further, but we’ll see.

However, there is a Saudi oil company that has previously been valued at over two trillion dollars, but at present they are at 1.9 trillion so we will see if they end up over the line once again in the future.


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