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Microsoft ready to showcase the next generation of Windows

Windows 10 icon

Windows 10 icon

Microsoft has now invited everyone to an event in June where they will show a new version of Windows, but how much new can the world’s most used OS bring?

Recently talked Microsoft very short about the next generation of Windows and that we would see and hear more about this soon, now we know when.
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Microsoft now confirms that on June 24 at 17.
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00 Swedish time, Microsoft will hold a small event with full focus on the next Windows. Exactly what it is we are going to see Microsoft does not want to reveal, but there are rumors of a real boost when it comes to the interface which should be more user-friendly for touch screens and that the Microsoft Store should have been completely redesigned.

Anyway, we’ll have to wait a few weeks before we get the answer to what the next Windows actually has to offer.

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