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Mighty is a new browser in the cloud

Tired of your current browser taking up huge amounts of resources, that sites display endless amounts of cookie messages and all the advertising that abounds on the sites? Then you should try the new, unique browser Mighty that lives in the cloud.

What is Mighty and how does the browser work?

Mighty is a unique browser that runs in the cloud. This means that the heavy load stays on the servers where the browser is running, and your computer needs fewer resources to surf the internet.

The browser is basically based on Chromium from Google. This is the same foundation that Chrome and Edge, for example, are based on today.

Mighty is optimized to work as well as possible in a server environment and the client on the computer has been developed with minimal memory usage in mind. At most, Mighty uses 500 megabytes of RAM no matter how many tabs you have up.

Powerful hardware for good performance

Each server that Mighty runs on has dual Intel Xeon processors, 16 gigabytes of RAM and graphics cards from Nvidia.

According to the company behind Mighty, the browser can stream 50+ to hundreds of tabs without getting hooked, freezing or slowing down your computer. In addition, it is claimed that the browser can speed up graphics-intensive work in the browser.

Up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second is supported, which should be more than enough for most users.

What does it take to use Mighty?

To be able to use the Mighty browser, there are some basic things to keep in mind:

  • You must receive an invitation to use Mighty
  • An optimal internet connection is 100 Mbit / s or higher
  • Initially, you need to have a computer with macOS

You do NOT have to have exactly 100 Mbit / s or higher, but if you have a lot going on at the same time, it is necessary for an optimal experience.

To use Mighty, you can submit a request here.

How safe is it to use Mighty?

Because you use a cloud service, all traffic will be sent to and from the servers that Mighty uses

This raises questions about security and integrity. Who can see what Mighty shows besides yourself?

On its website, the company behind Mighty writes the following:

Protecting your information and your right to privacy is our top priority. We commit to keeping your browser history private, your logged in identity secure, and your information under your control. Let us be clear: your data will never be sold. We recognize that we earn our trust with you every day and that will not be easy. ”

Important to consider about your privacy and security in Mighty are the following:

  • All traffic is encrypted and cannot be seen by unauthorized persons
  • Might will receive support for two-factor authorization in the future
  • All data in your session is kept completely separate from other people’s sessions
  • Access to your data is password protected

There are never any guarantees against vulnerabilities and other nuisances that make up for it. But it is positive that all data is encrypted and secured behind passwords.

How much does Mighty cost?

Since the browser not only needs developers to create the service and improve it, but also an entire server park with powerful hardware, it is not surprising that you have to pay a monthly fee to use Mighty.

The price is 30 USD per month – or about 310 kronor including VAT.

It can be compared to various gaming services that stream games to your computer, mobile phone, tablet and other gadgets for around SEK 100 to 150 per month.

Whether SEK 300 per month is a lot or not for the majority of interested parties remains to be seen. Men Tom Warren expresses itself really good on Twitter where he writes that he wants to “meet the one who is willing to spend 30 USD per month to stream a Chromium browser from the cloud just to avoid memory-hungry Chrome”.

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