Millennium March for Truth & Freedom March 6 in Stockholm

On March 6 at 14:00, the largest demonstration to date in Sweden for human rights will follow in the footsteps of covid-19, to take place on Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm; one tusenmannamarsch.

The purpose of the demonstration is to show the Swedish government and other people in power and decision-makers that the measures taken in society are not accepted.
A virus that has not caused significant excess mortality in Sweden or increased the total burden on intensive care in 2020 can not be used as a basis for lowering the quality of life for millions of people and driving the economy to the bottom while an open debate is not conducted and information is censored.

We who organize this urge the people of Sweden to gather and show that we as humans are free from nature.
We have the right to come together and stand up for our cause and make our voice heard – even if newly enacted laws say we do not get it.

The organizers of the Millennium March

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