Mirror photos, movies and selfies on iPhone

Mirror photos, movies and selfies on iPhone

All photos taken with the front camera on the iPhone are automatically mirrored compared to what you see on the screen. But that behavior can be stopped. How to do it!

When using the front camera on your iPhone you can be seen mirrored on the screen. Something that makes it much easier to move normally in front of the camera while seeing yourself. However, as soon as a card is snapped or a movie is recorded, it turns over iPhone by default all in the right direction. To make it look more natural when the film is then played.

This results in e.g. in that text that is mirrored during the time you record or take a picture is turned and becomes readable on the finished film or picture. So a pretty smart thing!

Sometimes, on the other hand, for various reasons, you want your films or pictures not to be turned correctly but to stay in the mirror. Maybe mainly because the finished material otherwise does not look at all like at the time you recorded it. Thank goodness sounds Apple one decides for oneself whether one wants pictures and movies to be turned right in his phone or not.

Flip the camera on the front of the iPhone

To change the setting for how the image is turned in the front camera on iPhone do the following.

  1. Start by navigating to Settings followed by Camera.
  2. A little bit down is the option Mirror the camera on the front. Enable this option to keep images and movies mirrored while saving.
Mirrored selfie - Front camera - iPhone
If you sometimes film in a mirror (using the front camera) and for example want text to be seen in the right direction on the finished film, this is a sensible setting to do.

Mirror already taken photos and movies on iPhone

But what if you already took a lot of pictures and recorded movies that are in the wrong direction? Is it possible to turn them horizontally afterwards? Yes! To mirror an image or movie afterwards, do the following.

  1. Start by opening the image or movie in question and select Change, top right. Then tap the small square with two arrows at the bottom right.

iPhone - Change - Flip image already taken

  1. To flip the image or movie, tap the triangle symbol top left. Finish by choosing Clear, at the bottom right.

Flip a picture - Mirror - iPhoneDo you have any other questions or concerns regarding the cameras on the iPhone? Share your thoughts in the comments and we will try to sort them out!

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