See old and missed notes on iPhone

Did you happen to unlock the phone and missed to read what was in the latest notification? No danger, you will see all unread notifications again!

Not having time to read a new notification can be really annoying. Especially since you often do not have time to see which app it actually comes from and then do not know where to even start looking to get it once the phone is unlocked.

Thankfully, it is possible to get hold of unread notifications both easily and quickly. As usual, it is about knowing exactly where and how on the screen to “swipe” for them to reappear.

See unread notifications on iPhone

If your phone is locked: Tap the center of the screen and swipe up to conjure up the list of the latest unread notes.

See notes iPhone - Swipe up from the center

If your phone is unlocked: Drag your finger across the screen, from the center of the top of the phone, to bring up the list of unread notifications.

See old notices - iPhone - Unlocked

Delete one or more notes on iPhone

If you would like to delete one or more notices from the list, without opening them in the respective app, this is also possible. To delete the notices one by one, swipe over each notice from right to left. In the list that appears, select Clear. If the app has created several different notices, it says instead Clear all.

iPhone - Clear - Delete a notification - Notification

If you would like to clear all notices, this is most easily done by tapping the small cross at the top right above the list.

No major oddities when you know how to swipe around with your fingers on the screen. If you encounter any thoughts or question marks, you are warmly welcome to share them in the comments below!

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