Protests against the policy of closure throughout the Western world

In connection with the global event Worldwide Rally for Freedom, extensive protests against the shutdown policy worldwide were held on Saturday. Some of the demonstrations attracted tens of thousands of participants and it is clear that many citizens are tired of the shutdowns and that their freedoms and rights have been taken away from them.

Protests were organized according to the coordinating website Worldwide Demonstration in about 100 cities in about 40 countries, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Austria and England, where people have left houses to show politicians and other people in power that they are tired of repression and that enough is actually enough. Demonstrations were also held in Sweden, although these were, as expected, not as extensive as the one mentioned Millennium marches in Stockholm on March 6.

As expected, the police went hard forward in several places and especially in Britain which has been referred to as one of the most totalitarian corona regimes in the western countries in the current situation alongside Australia and France. In London was arrested at least 33 protesters.
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At the same time, more and more voices have been raised in Britain, defending the right of citizens to protest against the draconian policies of those in power. Among other things, 60 British legislators have signed an open letter stating that it is unacceptable to criminalize protests.
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