Security updates for Samsung mobile phones for four years

Samsung promises to release security updates to its mobile phones for a full four years. The only requirement is that your mobile phone is made in 2019 or later.
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The updates are released monthly or quarterly via OTA. This means that the security updates are installed over WiFi and they do not affect your important files or settings.
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According to Samsung, the following models are covered:

  • Galaxy S10, S20, S21 and later
  • Galaxy Fold, Z Flip and later
  • Galaxy Note 10, Note 20 and later
  • Galaxy A10e and later
  • Galaxy Xcover Fieldpro and Xcover Pro
  • Galaxy Tab Active Pro, Active 3, A8 (2019), S5e and later

The exact time that applies to updates and the extent to which they differ between the different models.

Also note that this does not apply to major updates, such as Android 11 to Android 12. Only newer, more expensive models get these.

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