The thrill for the latest mobile is an unending longing with an enormous demand for the latest mobile technology almost every tech giant is hankering to launch.

The excitement of upcoming mobiles is moving so fast that we have to put a keen eye on the upcoming mobile phones. There is an amazing collection of newly launched mobile phones that are in the eyes of my favorite.

Google Pixel 4A

Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a is one of those exciting new deals that are waiting for their anxious buyers. This one of the most affordable upcoming mobile that will likely rule the mobile industry. There is a facility of a double camera one at the front and other at the back making it one of the hottest deals in the market.

The rumours of the launching date of this mobile are varying now from June to 13th of July 2020. The mobile phone fanatics are hankered to get this exciting new mobile phone as soon as it will release.

Xiaomi flip

 Xiaomi flip

The next pick in our countdown of the newest and upcoming mobile phones is Xiaomi flip phone. It is not only our most exciting pick but it deserves some extra gestures as well. Along with the increasing fanfaronade of the latest mobiles, it has some awesome features for liking.

Xiaomi is a mobile world sensation and currently, the mobile fanatics are looking for the perfect new collection like it. However, we can not say that Xiaomi will dominate the entire mobile world but, at least we can predict its massive familiarity.

Samsung Galaxy Fold E

Samsung Galaxy Fold E

Samsung Galaxy Fold E is the next awesome pick in our collection of awesome smartphones of this year. This phone is now considered to be one of the best cheapest foldable phones of the year. As we all know that folding phones have an immense reputation in the market Galaxy fold E is a shiny diamond for the buyers.

Nokia 9.3 PureView

nokia 9.3 pureview

Nokia 9.3 PureView is the next mobile that will likely shine in the entire mobile technology world. The rumors are already rounding about the fascinating arrival of the mobile prodigy. The manifest reason behind the updating of Nokia 9.3 is the working needed on its camera. Which will be expected to complete in August, later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Plummeting down in the storyline of the latest mobile phones of 2020 we come around the majestic Samsung Galaxy Note 20. It is just as exciting as any other blonde mobile series people have already spread several rumors about it and the time will tell the truth.

The demand for larger mobile models is always a point of discussion in the market. After several hiccups in the promotion of next-generation mobiles, the large mobiles are finally expected to go mainstream very soon.

Apple iPhone SE 2 Plus

Apple iPhone SE 2 Plus

Apple iPhone SE 2 Plus is an awesome and reliable phone that can be one of the best deals to handle in the upcoming months. As the Apple iPhone SE 2 Plus has a larger body according to the latest information received. Due to the high demand for bigger phones, it is very likely that this version of Apple will rule the entire mobile industry.


In conclusion, we can say that the new generation of the latest Mobile phones is creating a sensation around us. We are nearly halfway through 2020. It looks like the previous few years will also show us some extraordinary versions of the latest phones.

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