The United States chooses not to blacklist Xiaomi temporarily

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But this seems to be only temporary, the question is whether the US will remove Xiaomi from the list completely or what is the idea of ​​the temporary.

It has been quite difficult to miss how the US has chosen to blacklist several Chinese companies, Huawei knows many about but ZTE is also on the list for trade bans.

Xiaomi, however, has been on the list, but now the Ministry of Defense in the US announces that it will be a little easier on this and that Xiaomi will temporarily not be blacklisted in the US.

The reason why Xiaomi was blacklisted from the beginning is because the United States suspects that Xiaomi has some kind of connection to the Chinese military, which Xiaomi obviously denies altogether.

Now it remains to be seen if the US will believe and trust Xiaomi or if they will be back on the list soon? Whether it also looks a bit bright for Huawei and ZTE is unclear, but Huawei seems to have it tough then USA recently announced that they will continue to blacklist the company.

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