Mode 2 will be Marshall’s first True Wireless headset

Marshall Mode 2

It was really just a matter of time and now they are here, Marshall’s first true wireless lure called Mode 2 with a perfectly ok price tag.

Fashion 2, I would have the typical design from Marshall, so also the case that the headphones should load in.
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Here we have a pair of small but stylish headphones where we have the classic M on the outside and which clearly characterizes Marshall.

What is hidden under the shell, however, are elements of 6 millimeters and should offer a well-balanced sound according to Marshall, they have not disappointed us before, so would not think Mode 2 will be an exception.

Marshall Mode 2

When it comes to Marshall, the focus is almost always on the sound, so even this time when you can download an associated app for Mode 2 and play with, among other things, EQ. Unfortunately, these lures lack active noise reduction

According to Marshall, the battery life should be five hours for the headphones and another 20 hours via the case. Mode 2 are IPX4-rated, which makes them waterproof but not waterproof, so a little sweat and rain works, but you should probably not swim with them.
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Marshall Mode 2 goes on sale on March 18 and will then cost SEK 1,995.

Marshall Mode 2

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