Moon Carl — The Journey from Being a Cashier at a Grocery Store to a Global Crypto Leader

Carl Runefelt - The Moon Carl

Carl Eric Runefelt, alias, “The Moon Carl” is a renowned venture capitalist and crypto leader, currently based in Dubai. Before entering the crypto world, Carl worked at a grocery store as a cashier in Sweden. Carl says that Crypto chose him to do something big in the crypto industry that still awaits the attention of major global investors. Carl is actively involved in creating awareness about the importance of adopting cryptocurrency through his YouTube channel, The Moon. In a huge push for crypto mass adoption, Carl purchased a 1M worth Bugatti Veyron using Ethereum from a Dubai Dealership.

Talking about the impact of crypto adoption, Carl says, “My life changed in just a couple of years more than I think or most people would think can be possible. There is no similarity between then and now.” In addition to his crypto channel, Carl also runs a lifestyle channel where he frequently makes videos about Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle, his collaboration with other popular influencers, his achievements as a venture capitalist and his life in general.  

The Moon channel has more than 550,000 subscribers. Carl also enjoys a massive following on his other social channels as he continues to share his knowledge with the crypto community as a frequent guest on various podcasts and TV interviews.

He currently lives in Dubai and believes it is an ideal place for people with brilliant ideas. He talks about his Dubai life and says, “Here I meet interesting people and successful entrepreneurs regularly. I love the networking I get here.” He thinks Dubai provides a launchpad for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to become global leaders.

Carl is also the co-founder of Kasta and has invested in 350+ crypto startups.

Carl thinks that he has achieved a lot in crypto and it is now time for him to give it back to the community. He continues to make informative videos on his YouTube channel to help more and more people believe in the cryptocurrency that he thinks is an ideal alternative to Fiat. Carl says, “fiat is the worst form of money we have seen in the history of humans, and I see a huge transition now where we are going to go more and towards a crypto economy and I am super excited about that.”

Do follow Carl Runefelt on Instagram @themooncarl or subscribe to his YouTube channel, ‘The Moon’ to know more.

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